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The TIV blog is a glimpse into the process, interests and personalities that make up the TIV team. TIV contributors are Brandt Hoekenga (creative guy), Britta Foster (conductor), Christy Hoekenga (business choreographer) and Blythe Carrillo (marketing curator).

TIV Self Promotion

At the heart of a great service industry brand is the personality if its owners. We firmly believe that the one who really knows the answer to the question is you. Or in this case it's us. In the ever-changing world of social media, TIV is a very capable partner. We have proven the ability to formulate a successful social media campaign, implement the components that make the campaign successful and work the stats to adjust and optimize the campaign. We do this by focusing on the personality of the brand and the results are great.

We would be foolish not to do the same for ourselves, right? Absolutely. We spent a good chunk of time a while ago really digging into TIV's social media. We came up with what we thought would be compelling content. We sprinkled it all with the typical TIV voice. Of course we made it look outstanding. And the result? Not much. 

Why? We were following the same process we used with great success for a number of clients. Why was our self-promotion falling flat? The answer is because we were not following the full process. We skipped the part where we focused on the personality of the brand...the people that make the brand what it is. And in a service-based business like ours, we are the TIV brand. 

There were a few important oversights:

- We are social media watchers. We rarely start the conversation. Sometimes we'll contribute to a topic. But our personalities are not those that would start a topic just for the sake of starting a topic and have it feel anything other than contrived. And we can't stand contrived. 

- So much of social media feels like making small-talk at a mixer. Throw a comment out there. See if it starts a conversation. Respond to a topic that's designed to do the same. We had a brief stint where we became members of the local chamber of commerce. We started attending mixers. It was pathetic. We ended up in the corner talking to each other! I guess you have to be who you are...and we are not 'mixer' folks.

So why are we so good at promoting other people?  Because that's our personality. We love to help businesses be successful. We thrive on helping to figure out how to gain a better foothold in an industry. Its our personality. But self promotion is not our personality...lesson learned!

- Brandt Hoekenga