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The TIV blog is a glimpse into the process, interests and personalities that make up the TIV team. TIV contributors are Brandt Hoekenga (creative guy), Britta Foster (conductor), Christy Hoekenga (business choreographer) and Blythe Carrillo (marketing curator).

TIV's Theory of Relativity

At TIV it’s all relativ.

We’re in the business of helping companies build their brands and promote their services and products. We talk about attracting and keeping customers, finding a target audience and positioning against competitors. We stress the importance of knowing where your customers come from, exploiting techniques that are working and remembering not to stray too far from your tried and true marketing efforts.

Sometimes clients turn the tables on us. What’s worked for TIV? What do you do to promote your business? How do you sell your services?

TIV’s Theory of Relativity.

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Don’t worry, we aren’t going to embark on a physics lesson. And anyone who knows the ins and outs of Einstein’s special relativity and general relativity won’t appreciate our tongue in cheek interpretation and application.

The concept is simple. At TIV we believe the number of personal relationships with clients, the quality of work and the volume of work are all relative.

Our business has been built on referrals, and Brandt has always touted that he could tell you where each and every one of the businesses we’ve worked with over the years came from. So we put him to the test. Do we really have a personal connection to almost all of our clients? Where did these relationships begin? Did the jobs we really nailed lead to more work with new clients?

Sitting at his computer he set out to map the business. How did it grow? What were the seeds that sprouted? Where and how did the core beginnings split into branches and which of those flourished and continued to split and grow?

Being the Creative Guy that he is he put every client into the visual you see above.

Can you find your business in the tree? Do you remember how you found TIV (or Hoekenga Design pre-2009)? We remember you. And we want to say thank you.

Thank you for referring us to friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances. We will be continuing to invest in our relationships with our clients and doing our darndest to provide the quality, highly creative work you’ve come to expect. You’ve helped us build a thriving, family business and we honestly love the relationships we’ve built over the years.

So, here’s to 2014 and more branches and growth.

- Brandt Hoekenga