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The TIV blog is a glimpse into the process, interests and personalities that make up the TIV team. TIV contributors are Brandt Hoekenga (creative guy), Britta Foster (conductor), Christy Hoekenga (business choreographer) and Blythe Carrillo (marketing curator).

You know you need a new website if...

Your Website Design is not Responsive

Every site we build is responsive these days. A responsive website changes format and layout based on the device you're using to view the site. With more and more people viewing websites on phones, tablets and other devices, having a website that is responsively designed is essential. Check out our site ( on your computer and then on your phone and you'll see how responsive design works. 

You Don't Have a Blog

Blogging is not only a great way to reinforce your branding and share important information about your company, but it's a powerful SEO tool. Today's web platforms incorporate blogging tools seamlessly and offer apps to blog on the go. If your site doesn't have a blogging option it maybe time to upgrade.

You've Lost Your Focus

I often say the best thing about a website is that it's never final. I also say the worst thing about a website is that it's never final. As a website ages and new initiatives are highlighted, new products introduced and new information added, it's easy to end up with a Frankenstein site. Often times it makes more sense to start fresh with a well thought-out site map than adding a page here and there and losing your site's focus.

You Want to Make Regular Updates

Every site we build has a CMS (content management system). People want to make updates on a regular basis and they don't want to rely on a programmer to do so. Today's web platforms make a great CMS extremely affordable and easy to use.

Your Brand Isn't Represented Anymore

Brands are like people. They evolve. If your brand isn't represented in your website anymore than you're losing the value of what can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

-Brandt Hoekenga