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The TIV blog is a glimpse into the process, interests and personalities that make up the TIV team. TIV contributors are Brandt Hoekenga (creative guy), Britta Foster (conductor), Christy Hoekenga (business choreographer) and Blythe Carrillo (marketing curator).

A Great Reminder

We go through periods when it feels like we spend more time working on proposals then on actual client work. It can be exhausting, but it's essential to continue lining up the next gig even while in the thick of big projects.

Yesterday we had a pitch meeting. We were chosen as one of three agencies to proceed to the interview phase of a branding project for the City of Santa Rosa. Based on the number of participants on the initial RFP call, there were a lot of agencies invited to submit proposals. To be picked in the top three was no small feat and we were feeling proud!

In preparation we worked on our responses to possible scenarios. And in doing so, along with participating in the actual pitch meeting, my pride grew! I realized the TIV business model makes complete sense. I remembered why we do things the way we do.

It's easy to start thinking about expansion and how fun it would be to manage a team of creatives. How cool it would it be to have a fancy building and be a partner in a big agency? But all it takes is a day like yesterday explaining the beauty of TIV to remind us that keeping things slim and efficient is not only beneficial to the client, but feeds the fires that really make our work great.

Regardless of whether we're chosen for the new project or not, developing this proposal has been a great reminder of why TIV is great just the way it is.

- Brandt Hoekenga