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I Could Tell You But I'd Have to NDA You

We just wrapped up a project for a major clothing brand. We did work a couple of months back for a car company. Oh, and have you seen our work for those whiskey brands that reside on every bar I've ever been to? No? That's because we're not allowed to share it!

Why, you ask, would we not be able to share our work? How in the world could we work on such enormous brands and not be able to brag about it? Because we did the work as freelancers for a large agency.

The Downside?

We can't use the work in our portfolio. That's it.

The Upside?

There are tons of reasons why we love this kind of work. Put your ego aside and tell me any designer wouldn't kill for the chance to work on some of the world's amazing brands. Even if you can't brag about them, the opportunities to learn are unending. And frankly, none of the big guys are going to work with a boutique agency like TIV, so it gets us gigs that would otherwise be unattainable.

The really big brands of the world spend an extensive amount of time and effort protecting their brand. This means I have an amazing library of brand standards, play books outlining rebranding efforts, campaign overviews... All sorts of incredible resources that a guy like me can learn so much from. They consider every detail that goes into a brand and that's helped me immensely in developing my big picture branding skills.

It's also hugely important to be able to work within the confines of an existing brand. Learning to be creative while following the style guide of a brand is not always easy, but is an essential skill no matter who you're working for. It also helps guide one's thinking when you are the one creating the brand and style guide.

So, yes, I would love to tell you about the poster I did for that hugely famous beverage company. Can't do it. But give me a chance to show you what I learned from working on the brand? I'm all over that!

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