Our Process

We approach all of our projects with a 3-phase process:

Discover - Design - Drive

DISCOVER - Branding Is Only As Good As The Research That Supports It. All Tiv Projects Have A Discover Stage That Is Used To Identify The Audience And The Best Way To Communicate With That Audience. During Discovery We Look At Things Like The Brand Vision, The Target Consumer Or Audience, Key Competitors, Past Work When It Exists And We Also Spend Time Talking To Key Stakeholders.  

Discover phase deliverables include things like: branding direction, competitive research, design road map and a list of items to be developed and delivered during the drive phase.

DESIGN - Directed by a solid discover phase, all essential branding elements are developed. The essence of the brand is represented by each and every design.  Every item including logos, color schemes, fonts and design elements are all shown interacting in a Brand Essence Deck.  All basic design elements are created and the design guidelines developed.

Design phase deliverables include things like: logo, color scheme, font selections, brand imagery, packaging design, style guide and more.

DRIVE - The drive phase is a long-term relationship when we put all the work done in the Discover and Design phase to work. Armed with knowledge of the audience, a brand developed to speak to them directly and a toolbox of design elements, all materials are created to drive the brand forward.

Drive phase deliverables include things like: packaging extensions, websites, e-blasts, social media campaigns, advertising campaigns, check stuffers, posters, signage, menu and more.