Launching the PaleoExpress Brand

It was late last Fall when we were approached by two entrepreneurs who were in need of branding for their new business venture - PaleoExpress. They had spent some time and money working with another agency but were left feeling just lukewarm about where their efforts had ended up. Wanting to make sure their next selection was a solid choice in terms of chemistry and design style we embarked on an interview process to make sure we were simpatico. A few meetings, a few reference checks and an internal TIV conversation where we dissected the prior work to make sure we also agreed another direction was the right answer, and we were off and running!

The PaleoExpress brand in action

The PaleoExpress brand in action

The Business:

A unique proposition, PaleoExpress is a Paleo focused, healthy vending machine filled with fresh, Paleo-friendly foods for the nutritionally minded (If you aren’t familiar with the Paleo diet a full explanation is included below). Cutting edge in all aspects (how often have you seen a healthy vending option?!) the machine itself is the most advanced technology with credit card payments only and digital inventory tracking to allow virtual product management.

The Landscape:

With an ultimate vision of placement in a variety of locations, PaleoExpress had already indentified the lowest hanging fruit for their test market - Crossfit gyms (or boxes as savvy Crossfitters will remind you) with additional machine placement into large business, hospitals, universities, and ultimately airports 

The Need:

With a well-defined business that was on its way to fruition, PaleoExpress had only one more hurdle to jump over: Solid branding that would serve them in their test market as well as into the future. Ultimately, the first deliverables would be a logo as well as the full “packaging” of their vending machines. PaleoExpress also needed a well-branded website that allowed mobile interaction. Paleo enthusiasts are avid label readers and with products protected in the vending machine the responsive website would need to serve as the source of reassurance in their Paleo choice. 

As a startup, a strong brand presence out of the gate was mandatory, but cost effective solutions were just as necessary to balance the initial investment for the client. TIV went to work looking for the smartest solutions.

Next Steps:

Energized by the client and operating under a somewhat tight deadline we immediately set to work. The Marketing side of TIV gathered consumer data to further understand the Paleo and Crossfit demographic, pulled information and imagery for healthy vending competition, and familiarized ourselves with the products that would be offered within the machine. Further investigation into the Crossfit channel and the nuances of Paleo and Crossfit rounded out the research portion of the project.

Feeling confident that we knew the landscape our Creative Guy set out developing the identity concepts. Working from the premise that most consumer’s first interaction with the brand would be actually seeing a PaleoExpress vending machine, TIV worked tirelessly to create a brand mark that would have strong recognition, could play nicely on the machine, but could also function as a stand alone icon. Ultimately the concept we recommended, and PaleoExpress’ choice as well – had a strong correlation to Paleo, Crossfit and some additional components to support the natural/healthy aspect of the product offerings.

The Web: 

Once we had finished the brand mark we forged ahead into the creation of the website. Balancing usability, functionality and cost effectiveness, TIV recommended we move forward with a basic website with a preexisting content management system. The beautiful thing about the web is as you grow your site can grow with you. The finished site was home to smart and simple solutions to the product catalog, fun and creative homepage imagery to really showcase PaleoExpress’ unique offerings and equally important, the responsive design for easy mobile accessibility from consumers at the machines.

The PaleoExpress website

The PaleoExpress website

The launch:

PaleoExpress founders Will and Alex truly rocked the launch of their business. Leveraging the Paleo community and their personal knowledge of and involvement in Crossfit, their late March launch was a roaring success. Web traffic ballooned to over 1600+ unique visitors on their first day, Facebook likes have increased to close to 500 Likes, and most importantly requests for machines have exploded across the US and even the world



The Paleo diet, AKA the Caveman diet, was google’s 2013’s most popular diet related search. The basic premise of Paleo is a return to the pure and simple eating of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. PaleoExpress specifically believes that eating a whole foods, plant based diet, balanced with high quality animal proteins, and healthy fats, is not a fad or anything new. It is how we should all fuel our bodies, and have been doing so for most of the last 15,000 years.