Sales Growth from Great PR

PR can sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to measuring its ROI.  Often times good PR is about building brand equity or growing your brand awareness – difficult things to quantify. However, there are times when great PR really does have a direct effect on product sales. Working with our partner, Precision PR, we’ve recently had a few of these PR slam dunks on the Crystal Creamery brand – relevant stories with good coverage, that had obvious results on shelf.

Working as integrated members of the Crystal team, TIV helped ensure that the PR efforts were well supported with a comprehensive marketing plan - a defined vision and goals, packaging and promotional materials, and management of the actual press events. Securing PR is a huge accomplishment, making sure the brand is ready and supporting those efforts with sound 360 degree marketing is essential.

Here are two quick examples of great PR at work…


Fun TV Coverage:

Looking to highlight Crystal’s products with a seasonal tie-in, last fall we pitched a story for the holidays featuring Peppermint Ice Cream. KCRA and Fox 40 both liked the pitch and came to the plant to do stories. We allowed the stations access to the production facility and did interviews with the ice cream maker, which highlighted how ice cream is made, how quality is ensured and featured them tasting this fun flavor.


  • 200,000 impressions over a 2 day period; KCRA coverage lasted more than 7minutes
  • Stores sold out of the product forcing an additional production run
  • Sales on this item ended the season up 153% 

A Perfect Sponsorship:

Beginning this year Crystal Creamery became a sponsor for the Sac Joaquin Section of high school athletics. This sponsorship is a natural fit for the brand – the geography for the section matches Crystal’s geography and the positioning of a local brand supporting local schools and local athletes makes sense. Chocolate milk as a refuel drink is hot and Crystal sells school milk throughout Northern California. As part of the sponsorship Crystal Creamery is featuring winning high school teams on the side of their milk cartons so there is also a direct tie to the product.


  • 250,000 impressions in the first 5 months; the media loves this sponsorship and we have secured great stories on all the major Sacramento stations
  • Consumers are asking retailers for the products because they want to buy their winning cartons
  • During media coverage we see increases in product sales and some stores sell out of the cartons
  • Value of the media impressions has already exceeded the cost of the sponsorship