St. Florian's Brewery

St. Florian's Brewery packaging

St. Florian's Brewery packaging

By some strange confluence of events, a start up brewery moved in four doors down from the TIV studio. The space they leased and eventually turned into a full-fledged brewery included the original office space we considered for TIV. And, as though guided by St. Florian himself, they had just 'broken up' with a company hired to help develop the St. Florian's identity and packaging. We immediately hit it off with the owners and before long TIV was hired to take over the project.

St. Florian's already had a strong idea of where they wanted to go with the fledgling beer brand...they just needed us to help put that direction into words and eventually into the visuals that would represent their brand. The first step was to take them through our 6 step branding process, which includes meeting their brand, researching competitors and planning the direction of the St. Florian's branding personality.

The St. Florian's image had been roughly developed with their former agency. Of all the work they had done, everyone agreed that the most compelling was a very rough pencil sketch which St. Florian's had ownership rights for. We took this sketch and reworked it creating a useable image to represent the man himself.

We explored countless numbers of designs for the St. Florian's packaging. Some were bright and colorful, some were subdued, but all represented the strong, valiant personality of the brand. It didn't take long for the folks at St. Florian's to decide on the design that they wanted. We set forth extending that design into the 12 oz. and 22 oz. labels, six pack carriers, case boxes, coasters and tap handles to prepare for the launch of St. Florian's Brewery's first release.

Keep an eye out for this delicious beer. It's receiving rave reviews from critics and beer fans alike. In fact, we're trying to talk them into running a direct line into our studio...