Your Team

The five partners of TIV are experts in branding, traditional marketing and digital marketing. Plus we have a talented team of future expert designers, programmers, copy writers and support staff to ensure that your brand is well taken care of. We are proud to employ some of Sonoma County’s finest.


Brandt Hoekenga
Partner, Co-CEO, Creative Director
Brandt oversees all things creative. Whether the task is a brainstorming session, re-branding your company or developing designs for an outstanding digital presence, he will be in charge of keeping your creative fresh and on message. As somewhat of an anomaly of a graphic designer, his strong artistic eye is coupled with a great grounding in the realities and necessi- ties of branding which will ensure delivery of actionable design. Brandt served as the Creative Director at DeLoach Vineyards from the mid 90’s until he left in 2002. He then started a freelance design company, TIV (at that point Hoekenga Design*), where he continued to work with numerous local brands as well as expand his reach across the nation. His top-notch creative and dedication to his work has built a strong network of clients including both multi-billion dollar companies and small local businesses alike. His work runs the full gamut of marketing necessities from packaging, advertising and websites to out-of-home billboards, company brochures and even illustrations for a wide range of products.

Eric Van Cleave
Partner, Co-CEO, Digital Director
Eric and his team specialize in digital marketing plans for small and medium sized businesses, with an emphasis on the creation of websites that convert visitors into customers. Eric is the Digital Director of TIV. Eric started in this business in 2000 after a career in Banking and Real Estate Mortgages, which included being a member of the Board of Directors of a new National Bank. Eric has helped launched over 4,000 websites since 2001, and continues to be a leader in helping business owners and managers position themselves to profit from the growth of online shopping and product research.

Blythe Carrillo
Partner, Marketing Curator
Blythe is a marketing strategist as well as a tactician. As a recent convert from client side to agency side, she prides herself on well thought out marketing initiatives that are actually achievable. Blythe has a passion for timelines, budgets and program analysis, and couples that with an appreciation and eye for solid design. Blythe has over 10 years of Marketing experience in the natural products industry, mass market CPG and non-profit world. She has been with TIV since May of 2013. She brings a keen sense of responsibility to marketing businesses that have more than just the bottom line as their focus.

Britta Foster
Partner, Marketing Strategy Director
Britta's marketing mind is in constant motion. She will not only help to make sure any marketing efforts are on target but she will also use her extensive experience as the head of a marketing department to help clients with an existing marketing department in whatever way necessary. After earning her MBA at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management, Britta spent 10 years at Foster Farms Poultry managing a brand that sells at almost twice the price of its competitors. During that time she learned that the people who want high quality, gourmet food are willing to pay for it. The marketing efforts she managed were pointed perfectly at the gourmet crowd. Well versed in niche marketing as well as to the masses, Britta’s current experience working with a variety of clients in diverse industries allows her to use standard marketing programs, but also mandates thinking outside the box for varied budgets and objectives.

Christy Hoekenga
Partner, Art Director
Christy’s creative mind and spirited banter with Brandt around design offer a genuine healthy tension that pushes their creative to unmatched levels. While she may not be a natural blonde, she is a natural born creative and supports both the creative and marketing departments. Christy is a Sonoma County native who prior to founding TIV worked in the wine industry. She has over 7 years of wine industry experience working at DeLoach Vineyards and later at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery, working under the Director of Marketing & Sales. She joined TIV (at that point Hoekenga Design) in 2004.