Your Team

When you work with TIV you don’t work with junior creatives. Your team consists of the four partners who have been passionately providing quality design and marketing for many years: Brandt Hoekenga, Christy Hoekenga, Britta Foster and Blythe Carrillo.

Brandt Hoekenga 

Creative Guy 

Brandt will oversee all things creative. Whether the task is a brainstorming session, re-branding your company or developing the messaging for your campaigns, he will be in charge of keeping your creative fresh and on-message. 

Christy Hoekenga 

Creative Sidekick

Christy’s creative mind and spirited banter with Brandt around design offer a genuine healthy tension that pushes their creative to unmatched levels. While she may not be a natural blonde, she is a natural born creative and supports both the creative and marketing departments.

Britta Foster 


Britta's marketing mind is in constant motion. She will not only help to make sure any marketing efforts are on target but she will also use her extensive experience as the head of a marketing department to help clients with an existing marketing department in whatever way necessary. 

Blythe Carrillo

Marketing Curator

Blythe is a marketing strategist as well as a tactician. As a recent convert from client side to agency side, she prides herself on well thought out marketing initiatives that are actually achievable. Blythe has a passion for timelines, budgets and program analysis, and couples that with an appreciation and eye for solid design.